Server upgrade:
-server now runs on 16 GB 8 Cores

Posted on 20 / 01 / 2020

Vote and get reward:

-1st  place: 3000 OS Points
-2nd place: 2500 OS Points
-3rd  place: 2000 OS Points
-4th  place: 1500 OS Points
-5th  place :1000 OS Points



Posted on 20 / 01 / 2020

Prizes For Top Eventers of the MONTH!
Blood Castle, Devil Squre & Chaos Castle:

-1st  Place Finisher: 3000 OS Points
-2nd Place Finisher: 2500 OS Points
-3rd Place Finisher: 2000 OS Points
-4th Place Finisher: 1500 OS Points
-5th Place Finisher: 1000 OS Points

*The Competition ends on last day of each month (Server Time)


Posted on 20 / 01 / 2020

Server Info:

Season 6 Episode 3
Server Exp: 500x
Max Resets: 100
1~5 Resets, level = 350
5~10 Resets level = 380
10~100 Resets level = 400
Max Level: 400
Left points per Reset: 1280
Stats Remain: No
Bonus OS Points per Reset: 300
Grand Reset Requirement: 100 Reset (Back to Level 1/0 Resets)
Bonus Credits per Grand Reset: 30000OS(Can be exchanged in credits)
Max Stats per Attribute: 32767
Master Level Points per level: 1
Master Level Exp: 15x
Master Level Points per level: 1
Max Master Level: 400

Max Item Level: +15
Max Seed Socket: 3
Max Excellent Option: 6
Excellent Ancient Item Option(Uber) : 6

*220~ New Challanging Quests !
*25 characters in 1 account!
*Team VS Team Battle  !
*ingame shop , basic items
*8 Vaults !
*Quick add stat points option !
*Quick reset option in-game !
*No Buy2win option, best sets can be obtained/ built in-game!
*Level 400 Socket Options Sets !
*Excellent Ancient Sets for all Classes !
*All Season 6 Episode 3 Events 100% working !
*Summoner + Rage Fighter fully functional !
*New maps ! untill 15 season (included)
*New Arena Conquest Map with 48 Cages and all-new monsters!

*All new items untill season 15

* All wings including level 9

*Off exp system


Dark Wizard - Soul Master - Grand Master
Dark Knight - Blade Knight - Blade Master

Elf - Muse Elf - High Elf
Summoner - Bloody Summoner - Dimension Master
Rage Fighter - Fist Master
Magic Gladiator - Duel Master
Dark Lord - Lord Emperor

We customized this server from a player's perspective because like you, we are also players who wants the best Mu Online experience!
We did our best to accommodate you all old-school-hardcore players who wants to enjoy a little bit of a twist of a new season so we chose Season 6 Episode 3 which is stable and very familiar for pro/ veteran players, but also newbie friendly!
We value balance and simplicity,  it may not be perfect but we are always striving for and to be the BEST  for our players! Always looking forward to a bright and long term service and server!

From the staff team, we wish you good luck and enjoy the coming server!

Posted on 23 / 02 / 2020

Currently this is only one server.